31 Ocak 2011 Pazartesi

home design /// marvel comics murals

home design /// Andrew and Matt McCracken's house

''Brothers Andrew and Matt McCracken, the duo behind Doublenaut, have shared this house in west Toronto for the past 4.5 years. Their home also became their studio when the company shrank by a partner.'' (via:designsponge)

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home design /// rob brinson & jill sharp brinson's LOFT

'Atlanta-based photographer Rob Brinson has had this loft studio in the King Plow Art Center, a former plow factory from the 1800s, for 23 years now. Today it’s the full-time studio space he always dreamed of when he first became a photographer.' (via:designsponge)

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28 Ocak 2011 Cuma

design /// Valentine’s Day Hearts // by Molly Dunham

package design /// Special 12th Christmas gift Absinthe // by Stranger & Stranger

“For our 12th Christmas gift we resurrected the glory days of Absinthe and created a bespoke single batch of only 250 bottles.  We exhumed some old-school printers who worked their craft die stamping the inks and embossing pure cotton fibre paper. “Absinthe, mother of all happiness, O infinite liquor, you glint in my glass green and pale like the eyes of the mistress I once loved…” (Gustave Kahn) Available later this year in a limited second batch.”

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