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home design /// The Clingstone House // on Nestled Island on Narragansett Bay

(via The New York Times)

''Nestled on an island on Narragansett Bay, this beautiful house design has a story to tell from the outside in. The Clingstone House (probably named because it “clings” to a little rocky island) designed by J.S. Lovering Wharton and artist William Trost Richards stands out against its surroundings of water and the distant city shore. This 100-per-cent timber house certainly feels solitary, looks to be from another place, another era – and, in fact, it is! The 103-year-old mansion has a certain history, and is today owned by architect Henry Wood and his family. The wonderfully worn, weathered look and enjoys 360-degree views of the ocean through its many windows. The interior is drenched in honey-colored wood, warm to the look and touch. This three-storey house features a total of 23 rooms. Although the look and feel of the wood-clad house is antique, it's equipped with modern technology such as the roof-mounted solar panels and wind turbine to generate electricity, rainwater-recycling and seawater-filtration systems, and composting toilets that help lower operating costs while making an eco-sustainable statement.''

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