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Design // Paul Smith Lounge -- Stockholm // Room1

I saw this post in designboom and want to share it as i see : )
Also thx designboom for this wonderful post
We love Paul Smith :D:D:D

British fashion designer and Stockholm furniture fair  guest of honor 2010,
Paul Smith created a lounge, composed of 4 rooms, filled with personal sources of inspiration and impressions.

One room shows 'sent things', items sent to Paul smith by a secret admirer over the past years.
Paul smith to designboom in an interview:
'I don't know whether it's a girl or a boy, I only know this fan is from USA.
for 15-20 years I received quite funny things from 'him', these include a surfboard,
football, broom, stepladders, sledge, watering can, fishing rod, piece of wood and much,
much more. only a few are shown here.
they are always sent to me with the stamps and address on the object and NEVER in a box.
it's amazing that they really arrive to destination... that the post offices don't stop them.'

(via: http://www.designboom.com/eng/index.xtml)

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