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Design // Paul Smith Lounge -- Stockholm // Room4

The fourth room is dedicated to one of his biggest sources of inspiration, the italian architect and designer giò ponti, who was also founder and artistic director of 'domus magazine'. the room is featuring covers of the magazine as well as a handwritten letter by gio ponti to the director of the denver art museum, otto bach and his wife cile miller bach, in 1970.

'This section is dedicated to gio ponti, a brilliant man.
he was an architect and interior designer, he designed a car, furniture, teapots
he wrote design critic and could  tell the difference between art and crap.
he tried to avoid the elitism and more-artistic-than-thou attitude which has effectively
kept the creation of art solely in the hands of 'artists'.
he worked with fornasetti, (...)'

paul smith to designboom

 ‘I show quite a lot of the old covers of domus magazines' says paul smith, 'gio ponti was the editor -in-chief of domus magazine,
the italian architecture and design magazine, for many years. I think 50 years, very long time.'

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